Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on The Stock Insiders. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. The Objectives and Core Values
    1. The main long-term goal of this board is to create a long-term and well-selected community of gentlemen who confidently exchange insider information about publicly traded companies.
    2. In the U.S. and many other countries, the insider trading is illegal. Due to the purpose of the board, the security and the anonymity of its members is the highest priority of this board (see below).
    3. In order to achieve the highest level of the quality of the community, we will enable the access to the forum only to a small number of the well-proven members.
    4. The administrator of this board is a former successful (originally European) IT entrepreneur living in the U.S. He's also an active trader and has inside access to the several publicly traded companies. As the only moderator of this board he is responsible for the community's security and the board's reliable operation.
    5. This site is free and will remain free
  2. The Security and Legal Consequences
    1. This site is hosted on an offshore server located in an offshore country. No U.S. authorities can therefore perform its lawful shutdown. Any attempt of the physical server access by 3rd party is unlikely.
    2. The Stock Insiders community is accessible via Tor network only. Using Tor limits the ability to correlate visited sites with the visitor's identity. Therefore it's unlikely to disclose the real IP address of the server through the Tor network.
    3. In the unlikely event of the server's real IP disclosure it is even less likely to disclose the server's database content.
    4. As a precaution, our server uses a secure Operating System and the entire server content is 100% encrypted.
    5. In the even less likely event of a successful attempt to break in the webserver, the server doesn't keep any IP logs which can be linked to the member's account.
    6. The administrator of this site can't and doesn't even want to know the true identity of any member. As a member - be aware of your posts about any personal-related information which can link you to the real world (even the nickname). Therefore, we recommend to limit your posts only to the stock information for the other members of the community.
    7. Respecting the security and privacy of all members of the community we require each member to obey the basic security rules. The following security measures will definitely help you with the risk prevention.

      • For your own security - never talk about this community in the real world.
      • Never use a nickname or any personal data you already use in the real world. Otherwise you might face the possibility of disclosing your real world's identity.
      • Please register a secure e-mail (e.g. protonmail, tor2mail, sigaint or similar) because the administrator of this board can ask you some additional questions you must answer during the process of your membership validation. Never use any of your existing private nor work email or any famous e-mail service (,, etc.). Don't use disposable email for the registration (e.g.,, In case any 3rd party can read your mailbox, there is a potential threat of violation of your e-mail privacy.
      • Choose at least 20 characters long and sufficiently difficult password. Use any good password manager to store it (e.g
      • Encrypt your own data with any good encryption tool (e.g TrueCrypt).
      • We recommend you to use an open-source Operating System (*BSD or Linux - ideally "Tails" distribution) with a limited possibility of sending any data to the manufacturer (Apple, Microsoft). Never connect to this site via your work PC or smart phone, you never know whether your application or communications is being monitored.
      • If possible don't use your home or work internet connection when browsing Tor.
      • The security of this site and the entire community is the # 1 priority, thus in any case of violation of the board rules your membership may be suspended or revoked any time.
  3. How to Join the Community
    1. The applicant must be an honest gentleman with continuous access to insider information of at least one publicly traded company (either in U.S. or International) and who is willing to share this information with the other community members actively.
    2. At first, read the security rules section stated above and register to the board in compliance with these rules.
    3. The board is divided to the several categories.
    4. After registration the newly registered member is assigned to the category with limited board access. At this moment you need to verify your account by publishing your first post. You have a 90-day period to post your own insider information before it's public (e.g. financial results from 10-k, 10-q or information important to the company shareholders).
    5. After the administrator verifies your posted information (when it's official) you earn the full community access and your first post becomes accessible to the community. This process may take a few days after the official information is public.
    6. When your verification is completed, you earn the access to the relevant section of the forum according to the type of your company (by capitalization or geographically).
    7. In order to earn the access to other category, you have to post new information of some other publicly traded company.
    8. To keep your membership active you have to share at least one insider information per 180 days.
    9. As a verified member you can use the information of other members for your trading purposes.
  4. About BETA
    The Stock Insiders community was launched on 15th of April, 2016. It will operate in the BETA during first months. In this period, the first founding members can join and become the full members of the community. After the BETA operation is terminated the Administrator reserves the right to suspend the registration of the new members. #