FAQ - Why can't I see any posts? Is this forum active?

"I'm a trader or an individual with access to nonpublic information about a public company and I'm willing to share it with the other full members."
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Newly registered users can't see any posts before they get fully approved. Please read the forum FAQ and make sure you post only valid information to get a full membership.
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FAQ - Why can't I see any posts? Is this forum active?

Post by root » April 30th, 2018, 12:46 pm

Why can't I see any posts?
If you're not yet a full member, you cannot see any member posts.

Is this forum active?
Of course it is. The number of insider's posts added during 2017 was roughly 150.

What is this site good for?
This forum is the one and only community for exchanging insider information about the public companies. If you're employed at a public company and you have an access to the information suitable for the insider trading, then you can sell your information to us. If you're a trader you can become a full member.

How can I trust this site, guys? What if this site is just a scam or even worse what if it is run by a law enforcement agency?
First of all this site is up and running for more than 2 years and we haven't charged anyone anything since then. This site has been officially verified by The Uncensored Hidden Wiki (see the details of the verification process at the link if unsure). We've also been mentioned in many mainstream media like NYtimes.com, Forbes, TheRegister.co.uk and many others during 2017.

We will never ask you any personal question. Ever. We generally don't want to know who you are or where you are from. We only value the information you possess for the mutual benefit. On top of that we really care about the security of all parties involved. If you want to be anonymous, yes you can. We encourage you to use a secure OS (e.g. Tails) and the PGP for the encrypted communication.

I'm a trader. What's in for me?
If you also have an access to the insider information you should have already filled out the membership application. After you join our community as a full member you can trade the insider information from the others for exchange of sharing your information regularly. You can maximize your protection against SEC since there is no link between you and your anonymous source.

How does it work?
Click here and follow all the requrements.

Why should I wait for an approval?
Your first post is an approval post. Everyone is anonymous in the darknet so we need to make sure you can be trusted. After you get approved you'll get a full membership.

How can I become a full member?
Click here and follow all the requrements.

Register here!

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